The biggest challenge for fast-growth companies

is developing strong leadership.
Now there is a simple solution.

We understand your dilemma.

  • Your company's growth is outpacing your ability to grow strong leaders.

  • You don't have the time ... or ability ... to get your managers to the next level.

  • You've consistently tried to build a leadership team ... and you've not been satisfied with the result.

  • Your employees are geographically dispersed and it's very expensive to train them.

  • Your answer to most growth challenges is "We don't have anyone to lead that."

  • You promote people you think will be good and they don't make the decisions you would make.

  • You are not able to focus on the strategic activities you need to do, because you don't have others to help run things.

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LeaderSkills is the answer!

  • A customizable, intensive leadership course based on the fundamental skills needed to be a great leader.

  • Each session is focused on one topic and a few key concepts.  

  • Each session gives tools to apply those concepts immediately to participants' work situation in real-time.

  • Fieldwork assignments help participants practice using these tools and preparing for a facilitated live discussion.

  • Videos, reference guides and downloads deliver the core material.  Participants watch and read on their own schedule and re-watch to deepen their learning.

  • A live small group format is used for deep interactivity 

  •  No travel required.  No time away from work.

It's a Program...

That Becomes a Practice...

That Becomes a Way of Life.