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Thought for Today - March 4, 2024

If there is no wind, row.

Out on the still waters, where the only ripples are the ones you make, there's a simple, powerful form of freedom. Picture a lone rowboat, its silhouette etched against the backdrop of an endless horizon. The air is calm, the wind is still, but the journey continues. Not by chance, not by waiting for the gusts to come, but by the steady, purposeful effort of rowing.

This is where you find the heart of perseverance. When the elements don't favor you, when the currents seem to stand still, that's when you pick up the oars. It's a reminder that our progress is often down to our own actions, the continuous pull and push against the oars of life.

It's in these moments, these quiet tests of determination, that we define our course. The stillness isn't a barrier; it's a blank slate. A calm that asks us what we're willing to do to move forward. So when the wind fails to appear, seize the oars with both hands and row. Each stroke is a declaration that even in the absence of wind, we have the power to find our own way, to create our own momentum, and to chart our own path across the waters of life.


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