Take Advantage of our Special Offers!

Individual Coaching Offers

Career Change Jump Start!

With all that is happening in the world, this is our way of helping

all of the people impacted by job change or loss.

  • 1-Hour Career Coaching Session to help you get really clear on whre you are and where you want to get to!

  • Basic review of your resume, LinkedIn Profile and other job search tools to give you the recommendations you need!


3 Month Individual Coaching Program Special Offer!

  • The option of 2, 1 Hour or 4, 30 Minute Coaching sessions each month via Zoom!

  • Phone & email support at any time during the program

  • Access to our Client's Only are, loaded with exercises and resources!

  • BONUS!  An additional month at no cost to get started!

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Everything DiSC Offers

Individual 360 Leadership Assessment  

  • Leader's 2-Part Online Self Assessment

  • Unlimited Online Rater Assessments 

  • Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Report 

  • One on One Virtual Debriefing & Action Planning Session 

  • 3, 1 Hour Follow-Up Coaching Sessions

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Professional Development Offers

LeaderSkills Special Offer!

Take advantage of working virtually to build your management skills with this special offer!  In addition to our traditional 12-Week Program, we are offering a accelerated 6-Week version for those who may wish to complete the training in a shorter period of time.  

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