The Coaching Session Structure


All coaching is a process of change and growth, and although change can at times be almost instantaneous, often some trial and error is expected and normal.  It takes time for new behaviors, perspectives, and ways of thinking to set root and find momentum as well as for action to take place and long-term learning and growth to be established.

To be truly effective, a minimum three month commitment is usually recommended, with 50 minute, virtual meetings every other week via Zoom.  The frequency and duration of meetings are flexible, and it is not uncommon for clients to continue working with their coach for longer periods of time.

Between regular sessions, you may have ‘assignments’ (co-created between us) to work on, and it’s important to know that investing the time and willingness to take action on these assignments is critical in order to successfully move towards the defined goals.


The Coaching Investment


Coaching is an investment in you and your future.  Your coaching program will be custom designed for you based on your needs and goals.  We will start off with an initial coaching consultation followed by regular coaching sessions, typically every other week.   You will also have access in between sessions via phone, email or text if you have questions or need additional support.  Coaching fees are per month and invoiced via email prior to the beginning of each month.   Payments are simple and easy via credit card from a link on your invoice.  

Scheduling is also done online and you are able to set up you sessions up to 90 days in advance.  You may also make changes to scheduled appointments up to 48 hours in advance.  Zoom meetings are automatically set up for all appointments, but you can decide if you'd like to use the video option or not.  

You also have the option to register on our website and utilize any of the resources in the 'Client's Area'.  There are exercises, resource recommendations and other helpful information that we may use as we work together. 

The Coaching Consultation

A consultation prior to the start of any coaching relationship will help set us up for success.  This complimentary session is designed to allow both of us to get to know one another, ask questions and learn more about your goals and the coaching process.   You can set up your no-obligation consultation using the link below!