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Meet Don!

Coach, Mentor & Leader

I believe that we all share an innate desire for ongoing growth and development in our professional & personal lives. Often, we’re our own worst enemies; we either can’t find the path to change, or we sabotage ourselves with our well-worn patterns of behavior, emotion and thought.

I invite the individuals I work with to deeply explore what drives these patterns. By gaining awareness and understanding, we can create real change and unlock our potential to fully express our strengths and lead with powerful authenticity.

Drawing on my own experience as an executive leader for over 30 years and combining that with direct, yet empathic coaching methodologies, I focus on helping people develop in the areas that are most important to them. These are often blocked by underlying issues such as a lack of balance, stress or poor self-management. By addressing these underlying issues directly, the real work of developing yourself as an individual can begin.

By working with each client and their unique needs, we develop your underlying competencies and behaviors through an iterative process of feedback, self-reflection, and behavioral practice. Through this process, you will become more a productive individual with greater self-awareness who gets more essential work done and is connected with what really matters.

A little about me. As a leader and executive, I have had the opportunity to work across diverse industries – from Insurance & Health Care to Entertainment & Hospitality to Technology Products & Services. Having had global, real-world leadership experience has helped me successfully transition into my current role as an Executive & Leadership coach.

I have had the opportunity to work with more than 500 clients, from entrepreneurs/sole proprietors to senior leaders in Fortune 50 organizations. By combining my personal leadership experience and powerful coaching practices and methods, I am able to bring my best to my clients, which ultimately helps them bring out the best in themselves.

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