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Affirmation for Today - December 20, 2023

I can always choose a better feeling thought.

In the landscape of our minds, we often forget that we hold the power to cultivate the scenery. Every thought that crosses our horizon comes with a choice—do we let it pass like a fleeting cloud, or do we let it cast a shadow over our mood? It's a powerful realization to know that we can steer our thoughts towards the sunlight, towards a mindset that lifts us rather than weighs us down.

Choosing a better-feeling thought is like selecting the music to set the mood for our day. It's an intentional shift, a conscious tuning of our emotional radio to a station that plays harmonies of hope and optimism. When we practice this, we're not just passively experiencing our thoughts; we're actively curating them, aligning them with the tone and texture of how we want to feel.

So let's remind ourselves that while we may not control every event that happens to us, we can always control the thoughts we entertain. Let's reach for the thoughts that give us comfort, inspire us, and move us forward. In doing so, we'll find that our days can be painted with a brighter palette, one that reflects the choice to feel, to be, and to think better.


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