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Affirmation for Today - December 6, 2023

Peace and serenity are only a thought away.

Imagine for a moment that the hustle and bustle of daily life is like a busy highway. Thoughts zoom by like cars, each one demanding attention, urging you to jump in and go for a ride. Now, imagine deciding not to. Instead, you take a step back, find a quiet bench, and just watch the traffic go by. This is what it feels like to find that inner quietude — it's not about silencing the noise around you, but finding calm within it.

This tranquil state of mind is closer than it seems; it's nestled in the spaces between our thoughts, in the pause after a deep breath, in the moment when the sun dips below the horizon and the world seems to hold its breath. It's a soothing realization that, no matter the chaos, we can access a peaceful sanctuary in our own minds. And the more we visit, the more familiar it becomes, the easier it is to return.

So let's remember to take that mental step back, to breathe in the stillness that is always there, just beneath the surface. With this simple shift in focus, serenity becomes not a distant dream, but a close companion, ready to envelope us in its gentle embrace whenever we need a moment of peace.


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