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Leader's Bookshelf: "How full is your bucket? " by Don Clifton

This week's read was 'How full is your bucket?' by Don Clifton (yes, the author of 'Strengthsfinder 2.0'). Another great book from Gallup! Based on 50 years of research, this book uses a 'simple' metaphor that each of us has a bucket and each positive experience adds to it and each negative experience takes from it. It also applies to our interactions with others. You can add or remove from someone's bucket by the way you interact with them.

I love that this book is grounded in research and study. It also resonates on a very real, practical level. Once you 'get it', you can start to see how every interaction follows this model. There is great advice for keeping your own bucket full, but also reminders to be accountable for how you treat others. This is a book every manager and leader should read.

Find time to give it a read. You won't regret it!


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