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Thought for Today - February 21, 2024

We all have two lives.

The second one starts when we realize we only have one.


Imagine waking up in the vastness of the desert, the first light of dawn creeping over the dunes. It's in this moment of stark clarity and solitude that a profound truth hits home: our time is finite. And with this realization, something shifts. It's like flipping a switch, turning on a light, or starting a whole new chapter. It's the moment we truly wake up to life.

From then on, it's about making every day count, because there aren't any do-overs or second takes in the desert of time. We start to see life through a different lens, where every minute is precious, every decision counts, and every experience is worth its weight in gold.

This awareness can come softly, like the first gentle rays of the sun, or it can hit you like the stark light of day. But once it's there, everything changes. We begin to live with purpose, to prioritize what really matters, and to let go of the trivial stuff that used to bog us down.

So, in the quiet of the desert morning, let's make a promise to ourselves to live this one life we have with intention and gusto. Let's not wait for another sunrise to start living fully. The second life starts now, and it's the only one we've got. Let's make it count.


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