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Thought for Today - February 22, 2024

You make a life out of what you have, not what you're missing.

Kate Morton

Standing in the midst of a meadow, where the grass sways gently and wildflowers dot the expanse with bursts of color, there's a lesson in the simplicity and fullness of the scene. It's not about the flowers that aren't there, the colors that are missing—it's about the beauty that is present, the life that flourishes with what it has.

Life, much like a meadow, isn't about lamenting the 'could haves' or the 'should haves'. It's about taking the seeds we have, planting them, and nurturing them. It's about enjoying the sunshine when it's here and finding good use for the rain when it falls. In every moment, there's something we have that we can use to craft our life's story.

The richness of our existence is measured by our appreciation and use of the resources we hold, not the yearning for what might have been. It's the laughter we share, the love we give, the knowledge we pass on, and the little kindnesses that make a day brighter for someone else.

So, take a leaf out of nature's book. Look around at the 'meadow' you're standing in. Focus on the abundance you've got, the talents, the friendships, the opportunities, and make something out of them. Life is crafted in the here and now, with the ingredients at hand. Let's make it a vibrant one, full of the beauty that we have, not shadowed by the things we don't.


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