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Thought for Today - November 29, 2023

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

Starting something new can be a bit like standing on the edge of a diving board for the first time. It's okay if your legs are a bit wobbly and your heart's racing. Most people aren't born with the confidence to leap. But here's the thing: every expert was once a beginner, every pro was once an amateur, and every leader was once a person who decided to take that first step—no matter how shaky.

Taking the plunge is where the magic begins. It’s where you learn that the courage to begin is often the most impressive feat of all. And as you dive in, you’ll find that the greatness you aspire to isn't as distant as it seems. It's built through the small victories, the lessons learned, the resilience built from trying, stumbling, and trying again.

So, toss the idea that you need to have it all figured out before starting. Kick that notion to the curb. Instead, embrace the excitement of learning as you go, the thrill of seeing progress, and the pride that comes with each new step forward. Because in the end, greatness isn't just about the finish line—it's about the journey, the spirit that pushes you to keep moving, and the moments of growth that happen along the way. That's the real trophy. And guess what? It all starts with that first, bold leap.


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