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Thought for Today - October 5, 2023

Our eventual fate will be the sum of the stories we told ourselves.

The notion that our eventual fate is the sum of the stories we tell ourselves is a compelling way to frame the narrative of our lives. Essentially, the inner monologue you maintain acts like a script that guides your thoughts, decisions, and actions. If you're continually telling yourself a story of empowerment and growth, you're more likely to make choices that propel you toward fulfilling experiences and meaningful connections. On the flip side, if your internal narrative is one of limitation or self-doubt, you might find yourself hesitating at crucial crossroads, letting opportunities slip by. The stories you choose to emphasize—or rewrite—can serve as the scaffolding for the life you're building. It's like each chapter you pen brings you closer to the destiny you're actively crafting, whether you're fully conscious of it or not.


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