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And the answer is...Abera Ca Dabera!

Magic is real. Just ask any Cast Member at a Disney theme park and they’ll tell you the same. My first adult experience at Walt Disney World was taking my then 6-year-old niece on a week-long vacation. I learned two big things on that trip. The first was that I wanted to know how they did it. The experiences were unlike anything I had ever seen. Having the added benefit of seeing it through my niece’s eyes sealed the deal. I was hooked. The other life lesson was a bit less life changing, and I learned it when I got home when my sister informed me that swimming in the resort pool every day was NOT the same as taking a shower. Who knew?

I would spend the next year or so on a mission. I would get a job at Disney and figure this out. After a lot of odd twists and turns, it happened. I was in! During my years at Disney, I learned a lot about myself and most of all, I ‘cut my teeth’ as a leader. I learned more in those years than perhaps in any other time in my life, and most of all, I believed. Magical things really did happen all the time. I saw them. Sometimes I was privileged to be a part of them. Eventually I even got to help create some of the experiences people still enjoy today.

When you visit a Disney park, something truly special happens that doesn’t happen all that often in our daily lives. Through the magic that is created there, your beliefs are suspended, at least temporarily. Our beliefs become our thoughts and thoughts drive our decisions and actions, which ultimately determine how we feel in each moment. It’s a lot more complicated than that, but you get the idea. When you’re immersed in an experience like a Disney theme park, something unique occurs. Many of those beliefs that are such a core part of you go flying out the window – probably carried off by a flock of bluebirds whistling a merry tune.

For everyone who goes there, for some part of their time, they believe. You know it’s real every time you see someone touched by one of those extraordinary moments where impossibility doesn’t exist. For that moment they believe. They feel it, and in that moment it’s real. It’s the reason people go back over and over again and the reason why people devote their lives to being part of it.

It’s proof that magic is real and all we need to do is believe. Change what you believe and Abera Ca Dabera, your life will transform. Even the classic magician’s phrase ‘Abera Ca Dabera’ gives us a hint. It’s no trick – and loosely translates from Aramaic as “I create what I speak”. Our beliefs really do create our thoughts and in turn our words and actions and from there, our lives.

If you want your life to change, you just need a little magic and you have everything you need to make it happen. A little change in what you believe, a little Abera Ca Dabera and your new life can begin today.


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