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Leader's Bookshelf: the art of Extreme Self-Care by Cheryl Richardson

If the words ‘work-life balance’ have ever crossed your mind, this book is for you. A new, revised edition was just released at the end of last year with updated resource sections and is a practical guide for anyone looking to have a more balanced life. The author shares personal stories and relatable examples that make this book accessible to anyone. It’s built to be not just read, but worked. By focusing on a chapter each month, you have the time and space to put what you learn into practice. With chapters like the ones below, there something for everyone.

  • Let Me Disappoint You

  • The Absolute No List

  • Does That Anger Taste Good?

Cheryl Richardson has been a pioneer and advocate for not just self-care, but EXTREME self-care. Her work goes beyond the usual time management strategies that focus on rearranging things in your life to fit together in a more comfortable way. She challenges the reader to go deeper and deal with underlying beliefs and thoughts that keep our lives so hectic. This leads to new actions and habits and ultimately you make meaningful, long-term changes that stick.

I’ve used the book myself several times and each time I learn something new. It’s a must have for nearly every client I work with, as balance is something that few of us have managed to find in our live – much less maintain. What I really like about this book is that it is centered on shifting the limiting beliefs which lead to thoughts and actions and ultimately a stressed out, overfilled life.

If you’re interested in having a more balanced life (and who isn’t), then this book is for you. It was life changing for me and I would bet it will be for you too!

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