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Leader's Bookshelf: "What Your Clutter Is Trying To Tell You" by Kerri L. Richardson

This is my latest read (or re-read). There are a lot of books and resources out there that are designed to help bring order to chaos. This is one of my favorites! Kerri Richardson does a great job at not just exploring organizing systems but doing deeper to find the source. Uncovering how the clutter accumulates is the only way I know of to stop it from reappearing. She uses personal examples and other stories to help bring this topic to life.

I also appreciate that she extends the definition of ‘clutter’ beyond just physical stuff. Things like email, relationships and emotions are also explored in a very non-judgmental way. Digging into the underlying causes - such things as resistance, distraction etc. – are all examined in very thought provoking ways. You’ll never look at that overstuffed closet or junk drawer the same way again!

If you’re looking for a resource to help you eliminate clutter in some area of your life – for good – this is a great place to start. You won’t be disappointed!


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