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The return of the light.

Today marks the returning of the light. Starting today, each day will be a little brighter with the passing of the winter solstice. For thousands of years people have recognized and celebrated this special time of year. Like so many of our traditions, it is a comforting reminder that everything has rhythm. Just as the light ebbs and then flows, so does everything in life. Today is a reminder that no matter how long the night, the light always returns.

For me, this is a time of reflection and a reminder that life is cyclical. Everything changes and that’s a good thing. We are meant to learn and grow as we make our way through life. As I look toward 2020, I am excited for what’s coming, no matter what it is. Here are a few intentions I take with me into whatever comes next.

Accomplish what is important.

It’s easy to get sucked into all the demands people put on our lives. What’s tough is to have the courage to say ‘yes’ to what’s important and ‘no’ to what isn’t. Disappointing people doesn’t feel good but disappointing yourself is worse.

Live what’s true.

We are not what other people think of us. While it may be great to get ‘likes’ on your latest Facebook post, that doesn’t define you. Sometimes our lives are amazing and at others, devastating. Be comfortable being you, no matter what anyone may think.

Make a difference.

We all have an impact on the people around us. The things we say and do matter. So do the things we don’t say or do. Choosing kindness over cruelty, compassion over apathy and being aware of our impact will make all the difference in the lives we touch.

Make room for people.

Life is moving at a dizzying pace. Choose to slow down and make space in your life for the people who matter most to you. Choose a phone call over a text. Have coffee and a conversation, with your phone turned off. Give the most valuable thing you have to the people who mean the most to you – your time and attention.

Listen to your heart.

We all have in internal guidance system that tells us when we’re on track. Maybe it’s that little voice in the back of your head that gets lost under the crashing noise of life. Get quiet and listen to your inner wisdom. It will always be there when we slow down enough to listen. It will always be true.

We are all lucky enough to have the gift of a fresh start in every moment of our lives. We may not always get to choose what happens, but we always get to choose what we do next. What will you choose?


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