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Leaders Bookshelf: "Building a Story Brand" by Donald Miller

I’m no Marketing Guru – that much should be obvious, but “Building a Story Brand” by Donald Miller helped me understand the basics in a way I hadn’t before. The entire premise behind the book is clarifying your message so that you actually connect with your customers.

The book is easy to read and provides an easy to understand way to think about your messaging to customers. There aren’t any complicated gimmicks or multi-million-dollar strategies, just a framework to follow that has been proven out by organizations around the world. One of the central themes is tying your marketing messages to the same ‘formula’ that makes blockbuster movies successful. It may sound unrelated, but once you understand how it works and see some of the examples, it’s hard to refute!

If you’re struggling with getting your message across to your customers, this book is for you. There are also great online resources tied to the book that you can take advantage of if you want to put what you learn into practice. Definitely worth the time!


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