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How Everything DiSC is rocking my world, Part 6 - Sales!

As I continue my inner exploration using the Everything DiSC assessments, my latest is the Everything DiSC Sales Profile. As with the prior assessments, taking this took less time because the general DiSC questions had already been answered and get incorporated into this report - the gift that keeps on giving!

The first section is a recap of my DiSC Style and would be a great start for anyone, even if they hadn't taken a DiSC assessment before. It provides all the key information someone would need to understand the basics.

Next came the findings specific to me in a sales context. Like other Everything DiSC instruments, the sales tool highlights the priorities for me in a sales experience - ensuring quality, displaying competency and emphasizing dependability. Spot on as these are all important to me in any product or service that I may be offering to a potential customer. They not only describe some of the characteristics of the offering, but also my need to be knowledgeable and honest. These priorities also reflect my strengths in sales.

The next section is about what may be difficult for me as a salesperson. These are interesting in that they aren't things I can't do, but they do take more energy and drive for me to do well. A good example is 'enthusiasm'. I don't often show the outward passion and enthusiasm that some salespeople do. That can be a disadvantage in that I may come across as skeptical or distant. Great things for me to be mindful of and work on!

The bulk of the report helps explain the different buying styles, how to recognize them an how my style my interpret them. This is hugely important in a sales process. Learning to tailor your style to the person you are selling to is a huge advantage for a salesperson. Understanding what drives each style and their expectations can help make sure that you are speaking their language and giving them the right information and at the right level of detail.

The last sections are all about learning to adapt to each style and the basics of 'people reading' to help you make an educated guess about someone else's style (if it isn't known). This is the real gold in this profile as it gives a salesperson some amazing tools that are custom fit to them. This is a great resource for any person who is required to sell in their role. Five stars!


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