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How Everything DiSC is rocking my world, Part 2 - Management!

As I continue my inner exploration using the Everything DiSC assessments, my latest is the Everything DiSC Management Profile. Taking this took less time because the general DiSC questions had already been answered in another assessment and get incorporated into this report - bonus!

The first section is a recap of my DiSC Style and would be a great start for anyone, even if they hadn't taken a DiSC assessment before. It provides all the key information someone would need to understand the basics.

Next came the findings specific to me as a manager. For the purposes of this instrument, think of management as being a one to one relationship. We start off with the priorities that shape my personal management experience. Things like ensuring objectivity, offering challenge and taking action were all key priorities for me - and spot on. This is illustrated using the shading seen in other reports - although it is specific to my priorities as a manager and looks a little different than my results in other targeted assessments.

The management preferences section came next and highlights the things I enjoy about managing. This is presented in the format of 'Motivators' like creating efficient procedures and ensuring quality and 'Stressors' like managing in a chaotic environment and having to moderate my pace. It was interesting to see these through the lens of managing people rather than just my own style on its own.

Directing and delegating styles come next. These were really help in showing the things that I likely emphasize in a management role and the strengths and challenges that my style may bring. Strengths like evaluating people based on competency and getting people moving ring true for me, but so do the challenges of delegating rather than doing everything myself and sharing positive emotion. These provide really powerful awareness that I can use for my own personal development as a manager.

After seeing how my style work with directing and delegating, a comparison with each of the styles helps me to see how these styles prefer to work potential areas to watch out for and a strategy to build the best working relationship. This would be really helpful in working with others more effectively.

Next we focus on motivation and the type of environment that my natural style creates. This was really interesting as it shines a light on what feels most comfortable for me - like a reliable, professional atmosphere and challenging work. This section also gives a rundown on what the motivation needs of each style are which would be helpful in creating an environment that everyone feels that they can contribute their best and no one is left behind.

After motivating comes developing others! A key area of management that is often left to meander, this provides a solid roadmap for me to recognize my natural tendencies and how those can be advantages (like giving feedback in a professional manner) or disadvantages (pushing people at a pace that is too fast for them). Having all of the key information on what each of the styles needs for their personal development will allow me to tailor my approach based on each persons need - not my preferences.

We wrap it up with the last five pages focused on working with other managers with each of the 4 styles. Understanding their priorities and preferences along with the best ways to get their buy in and manage conflict can help foster a healthy working environment where people feel heard and respected.

There is a lot to this report (27 pages!) and it would be a great starting point for anyone who manages people. The awareness this information provides can easily be turned into actions that will significantly improve an individual's approach.

If you are a manager and you haven't had a chance to explore your style lately, I'd definitely recommend giving it a try. You will learn a lot about yourself, no doubt about it. And if you have done any of the Everything DiSC assessments, connect with me on and let's run a comparison between our styles. Let the understanding and learning continue!


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