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Leader's Bookshelf: The Hero Effect by Kevin Brown

I'll admit that I'm a bit skeptical these days with the flood of books coming out faster than anyone can read them. And it's getting more and more difficult to separate the hype from substance. The Hero Effect by Kevin Brown was recommended to me by a friend and it was the perfect read for a recent flight I was on. I have to say, I got drawn in immediately and read it straight through.

I loved this book for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it is the right kind of book written for the right reason. It's authentic and isn't afraid to tug at the heartstrings - which is pretty awesome in a business culture that makes emotion taboo. It's also accessible. There isn't a 50 step process with graphs and charts, just 4 qualities that are within us all, just waiting to be awakened. I won't spoil them by including them here. Better for each of us to discover them in the context of the book.

I also enjoyed this for the Walt Disney World references. Having been part of a lot of amazing things at Walt Disney World during my time there, I love the stories and it reminded me of why that is such a special place and Disney is such a unique brand. It's a business, but as you'll find out, the Cast Members make it so much more.

I won't add any other spoilers, because this is the kind of book I think everyone should read as it applies to us all. We may not be able to be Superman or Wonder Woman, but as you'll see, there's a hero in all of us. Five stars!

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