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How Everything DiSC is rocking my world, Part 5 - 363 for Leaders!

This is my new favorite 360 assessment by far! It has a number of things going for it that some of the other instruments out there are lacking. First, it uses the common language and constructs of Everything DiSC, which allows it to easily fit into an overall program where DiSC is used, not just 'taken'.

The assessment itself is conducted online and is built around Eight Approaches and associated behavioral Practices as illustrated below.

For Leaders, a 2-part assessment is done to bring the DiSC style and Leadership Behaviors together into the 22+ page profile report. For raters, they also have a 2-part assessment to complete, but they combine the Leadership Behaviors with additional Leadership Requests - identifying leadership practices they would like to see the leader use more frequently.

Raters also have the option to add comments, but rather than the traditional freeform comment box, CommentSmart is used which allows raters to choose from a variety of selectable comments. This allows for much more focused, balanced and constructive feedback. Too often leaders jump right to the comments section and unfortunately, many spend too much time attempting to 'figure out' who said what comment rather than focusing on improvement. The CommentSmart approach eliminates this and that's a huge bonus.

Feedback is broken down by type of rater and there are detailed rater comments for each of the 24 practices -giving a leader a wealth of really valuable feedback to work with. Part of the profile is also designated for action planning, which is what really brings value in a 360 instrument.

Overall, this is a powerful tool that a leader can use to understand how they are perceived and learn what areas would provide the most value for them to work on. For a leader who is open to learning and growing, this is the perfect tool to support them. Five stars!


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