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How Everything DiSC is rocking my world, Part 4 - Work of Leaders!

This week I took on another assessment – the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile. Just like with the other Everything DiSC profiles, taking this took less time because the general DiSC questions had already been answered in my first assessment and were automatically incorporated into this report - the gift that keeps on giving!

Similar to other profiles, the first section is a recap of my DiSC Style and would be a great start for anyone, even if they hadn't taken a DiSC assessment before. It provides all the key information someone would need to understand the basics.

The first new section describes how my priorities shape my leadership and correspond to the chart above - Resolute, Deliberate, Humbe and Inclusive. Each of these priorites tells me a little about how this priority influences my behavior. A good example, the Inclusive priority is part of my leadership style, but not necessarily usual for someone with my overall DiSC style of 'C'. My reliance on cooperation and faciliation are the main drivers for this - interesting!

The next sections are grouped around Crafting a Vision, Building Alignment and Championing Execution as the framework for the leadership process. Each one of these areas is explained in detail and then followed up with where I operate on key behavioral continua. It's pretty detailed and there are several sections for each of the three areas of the framework with multiple continua in each section.

An example from the Crafting a Vision area would be the subsection of 'Seeking Counsel & Exploring Implications'. On the 'Push Forward' vs 'Explore Implications' continum I fall nearly in the middle, with a slight leaning toward pushing forward which is pretty consistent with both my style and previous actions. This is something to consider when I'm making decisions to ensure that all of my assumptions a checked carefully before pursuing something new.

In the Building Alignment area, one of the subsections is 'Explaining Rationale & Structuring Messages'. The first continuum is between 'Offer Intuition' & 'Explain Rationale' - and again I'm pretty much in the middle, with a little leaning toward explaining rationale. This shows that I normally draw fairly equally from intuition and reasoning when communicating. This is helpful to know as relying too much on my own personal experience and insight may not provide enough clarity for those who don't know me very well.

'Being Driven' & 'Initiating Action' are one of the areas falling under Championing Execution. An interesting observation in this section for me is that I am all the way at the 'Initiating' side of the 'Reactive' vs 'Initiating' continum. This absolutely rings true as I have a strong entreprenuerial drive and don't feel comfortable just maintaining the status quo.

The final section of the report (a whopping 23 pages) is about leadership strengths and areas for improvement and even provides tips for action planning and improvement!

Overall, this is the best leadership instrument I've seen and the fact that it integrates in with the DiSC research and data makes it all the more valid and much easier to implement real awareness and improvement with than a traditional stand-alone tool. Thumbs up!

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