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Affirmation for Today - March 4, 2024

I choose to be happy, I am letting go the past.

Watching a hot air balloon rise with the sun, there's a clear sense of release, a movement towards something lighter, more freeing. The balloon doesn't stay tethered to the ground; it lets go, because that's how it reaches new heights. That's how it finds the open sky, where the possibilities are as wide and as varied as the horizon.

Choosing happiness is a lot like that balloon ride at dawn. It's a decision to cut loose the weights, to not let what's happened before define what will happen next. Letting go of the past isn't forgetting it; it's deciding not to let it hold you down any longer. It's understanding that every sunrise is a chance to fly a little higher, to see a little further, and to experience the joy of the moment.

So as that balloon silhouettes against the breaking day, remember that happiness is a choice, and the past is just the launchpad, not the journey. With each new day, we have the opportunity to ascend, to leave behind the shadows, and to embrace the warmth of the sun. Here's to choosing happiness, to embracing the now, and to the freedom that comes when we let go and lift off into the sunrise of a new day.


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