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Affirmation for Today, November 21, 2023

I am enough.

To say "I am enough" is to acknowledge your inherent value and to embrace the totality of your being — with all its triumphs, trials, and tribulations. It's a declaration of self-acceptance, recognizing that you are a complete tapestry woven from threads of your achievements, aspirations, and even your shortcomings. It's about recognizing that you do not need to be more of anything to be whole; you are a symphony, complete within yourself. Each of us, in our uniqueness, brings something irreplaceable to this world, and to deny our sufficiency is to dim the very light we are meant to shine. When you stand firm in the knowledge that you are enough, you give yourself permission to grow not out of inadequacy, but from a place of abundance. In this acknowledgment, there is freedom, there is peace, and there is an unshakeable power that comes from knowing that you, as you are, are enough.


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