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Thought for Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Existence wants you to be you.

The concept that Existence—whether you interpret that as the universe, a higher power, or simply the sum total of all that is—wants you to be uniquely you is both comforting and inspiring. This idea frees you from the exhausting endeavor of conforming to societal norms or others' expectations. Instead, it places value on your individual quirks, strengths, and even your weaknesses. These are not flaws to be corrected, but facets of your individuality to be celebrated. In this framework, every experience, emotion, and interaction isn't a deviation from some ideal path but rather a necessary stroke in the beautiful, complex painting that is you. It's as if Existence has entrusted you with the singular task of being the most genuine version of yourself, because no one else can fill that role. And in doing so, you enrich the tapestry of life in a way that only you can.

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